Par Enigmatus s.r.o.

  • Catégorie: Weather
  • Date de sortie: 2023-03-19
  • Version actuelle: 23.3.17
  • Cote Adulte: 4+
  • Taille du fichier: 28.40 MB
  • Développeur: Enigmatus s.r.o.
  • Compatibilité: Nécessite iOS 11.0 ou plus tard.


Weather app with forecasts from multiple providers, designed for at a glance use. Weatherian is a highly functional and unique weather forecast app. As designed for reading at a quick glance, the whole app consists of only a single screen. All forecast data (temperature and precipitation) are displayed in a single meteogram (basically a chart). Weather data is sourced from multiple providers using different forecast models from around the world (hence multi-model). This covers: • AROME (France) • ECMWF (Europe) • GEM (Canada) • GFS (United States) • ICON, MOSMIX (Germany) • JMA (Japan) • MET Norway * Each forecast model usually cover the whole world, just with varying accuracy. The unique feature of Weatherian is its ability to display data from these providers in a single chart. A quick look immediately tells temperature limits at specific time and any chance of rain for the next couple of days (up to 5 to 9 days). There are options for further customization the chart. More to be added later.

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